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    How to convert VBA saves to GpSP


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    How to convert VBA saves to GpSP

    Post by Aztro on Wed Aug 12, 2009 8:30 am

    VBA To GpSP

    1. Open up VBA and go to Options >> Emulator >> Save Type.

    2. Click on Flash 128K.
    3. Click on Flash.
    4. Go In-Game and save like normal, you should find a .sav file where ever it saved to.
    **NOTE** This part is for people who have a PSP and want to use their save file in GpSP KAI. You must have Custom Firmware on your PSP to do this.
    5. Plug-in your PSP via however you do it. (Either put your card in your computer or through USB Mode)
    5. If you don't have GpSP KAI and you would like it, go to the portal and you'll see the link on the left.
    6. Go to PSP >> GAME/GAME150 >> GpSP (Or whatever your GpSP KAI folder name is) >> GBA >> SAVE >> [Put your save file here]
    7. Now start up your PSP in GpSP KAI and you should have the save file after you start up the ROM.

    **NOTE** Your .sav file MUST Have the same name as your ROM file. (E.G. My ROM file name is... Pokemon Ruby.gba I'd name my .sav file to Pokemon Ruby.sav)
    **NOTE** After you do the first 4 steps and you cannot find your .sav file, go to where ever your ROM file is, and save your game again, it should appear in that folder/location.


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