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    How to add cheats to VisualBoyAdvance


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    How to add cheats to VisualBoyAdvance

    Post by Aztro on Wed Aug 12, 2009 7:42 am

    How to use GameShark Codes in VBA

    1. Open your ROM (Find out how in my other tutorial)
    2. Once your ROM is open, go to Cheats >> Cheat List

    3. Once there, minimize it, go back here, and find as many GameShark Codes on the site as you want.
    **NOTE** The GameShark Codes are specific for each game. I will be showing you Pokemon Yellow.
    These are the codes I used:
    No Clipping

    Inf Money

    Master Balls in PokeMart
    01XX7BCF :: Replace XX With the corresponding item code. To find out the codes for items - Go Here
    Master Ball code is 01. Replace XX with 01 for Master Balls in PokeMart.

    4. As you can see you just type the name in the top text bar. And copy and paste the code into the bottom.
    **NOTE** Don't worry if you type in a code with 2+ lines and it comes out as two codes. Like Inf Money, just check all three of them to make it work.
    **NOTE** For wild pokemon modifier, only use one of those codes at a time.

    And that's all thats to it.


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